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 - ' Founded in Columbus in 1919. the result of...
' Founded in Columbus in 1919. the result of one man's - determination -and another man's optimism,-Cummins , Engine company has grown to an International business with annual sales of more than $300 million and is the -world's largest independent producer of dieseL engines t early day auto plants before he was 20, was part - time chauf feur for the "local banker, and in 1913 started a machine shop, which at one time was located With headquarters and main plants of the company In Co- - lumbus along with its new $22 "million "research "center." Cum' mins Engine company employs approximately "7,500 "persons and with its other plants -and - subsidiaries hoth-w the .United. States-and abroad has more- than-13,000 employes.- Cummins corporate headquar ters is located--in -the remodel ed and redecorated" StT Denis hotel building at Fifth and Washington streets in downtown Columbus." The - company's main plant is at the east end of Fifth street east of Califor nia street." The- research cen ter. with its separate 6 story . office building and-the largest .single-construction. project m the city's historyr is located on the east bank of Hawcreek, across JrornthejnainpIant . The main plant facilities " liere"includeapproximate1y-1.5 milKon square feet for produc tion of in . - line and V engines - from -135 to t 700 horsepower. Cummins also opened last year r a new-208,000 square foot warehouse on National road here, The company's other facilities in Columbus include . Plant No. 2 for parts production- on Cottage avenue at"Fifteenth street, former location of - Hamilton Cosco, and a training center for service groups in the building at northeast corner of Third and Franklin streets. --ThereTalsoTare .service training center facilities in the Eagles building on . Washington -street. Cummins Engine company was founded by Clessie L. Cum-. jnins,i-mechaicandinventoi; now . a resident of Sausalito, "Calif., and the late W.Glr , win, .Columbus banker. Mr Cummins, who had worked in a number of machine shops and ', the road to its major expan sions. . . In -1946 Cummins had 300,000 square feet of space un der roof here ' and total sales that year were - $20 million, compared .. with , 1.5 million square feet here today and total annual sales of more than $300 million. JL.. in -a part of the Irwin family's Sixth street garage north -of the Irwin, home here. i By 4917 the Cummins" Ma chine works outgrew the garage and was. moyeajnto. a. .ware house building' on the west side of TheT PennsytvaniaRailroad tracks off -Jackson street south of .Seventh; street. It was to this building that Cummins Engine company was born in 1919 and continued " Operations until 1925 when it was moved to the former Emerson - Brantingham property on East-Fifth- street,. the area of its present main plant location.. -The property had formerly belonged to old Reeves andjjompany. In. ihe early years the diesel engine was a large piece of machinery, suitable for stationary power only, but Founder Cummins has been i leader in diesel progress with such introductions as the first - fully enclosed diesel" engine, the first supercharged diesel, reiia- hlft nnd simnlv - (tesfffnpd in. line engines, :. . a .. lightweight IMef bo - Thursteft, 1 a new concept Cummins . was -determined-toiusin8 .the Cummins turbocharg- produce . a practical .: smaller diesel. In . the -1920's . Cummins expanded . its . market .into, ma rine engines for pleasure craft ana the future looked very bright until the stock market crash of 1929 and the depres sion .wiped r ofjt rthe "pleasure boat market. . - During-the Thirties the'Cum mins --- diesel - moved - into the truck-market,- providing trucks -to Purity-Foods,-after another durability and economy demonstration a 14 - day, noir. stop -trip around the Indianapolis 500 track by a Cum mins powered truck. 'unngihe-war,. Cummins en gines powered thousands of vehicles' in Europe, Asia and the acific islands, . proving ; the durability of Cummins power and starting the company on, gines racing at Indianapolis in the-early 1950's - (a mmins racerwon "tiie""poleposition1n 1952 at a new record of 138.010 mph) and the P-T (pressure time) fuel system, the simplest fuel system in the diesel industry.- r Products ; being promoted to day are the power plants for an industrial age the Dual JDie-sel,the first use of compressed air- from the combustion cham ber, to jinload cement; .the Tur- - Along with its" research' fa-. cilities in Columbus, - Cummins -has . a' - research - and engineering center at-ssenjUermanyzfT: the Cummins European Technical center. Cummins also op- crates at Poona, India, as''"' Kirloskar - Cummins, Limited, under . a joint manufacturing agreement - and - manufactures in --line enginessThere are -800 employes. - At -Ringwobd,4 Australia, Cummins -.DieseLlAus- r" 4:i tralia .assembles .engines has 50 employes "and L "international opera: )(. high speed -turbochaied-enQnAjnclude aJicense agree; v SJ : sine 'that could compete, .with ment with Krupp, at Essen, tne sopnisucatea - gasoune en- hwuvhuu vi v engines ior irucKs; a license 7;r m A- $ , . " . ji If 2x v ON FILM tiiqhpeed motion picturei" are useo jn er for the pneumatic unloading of bulk grains; the first successful" V engines in" the "200-horsepower to 300 - horsepower range; the new small V engines aimed at the "stop - and - go" market; Custom-Torque, an inline engine which can cut in half the amount of shifting needed: in mountain country, and the V-903, a 320-horsepower engine with a lower weight-to-horsepower jratia - Until the mid - 1950's, Cummins was a 1 - plant, 1 pro duct company. Through plan ned diversification, the com pany now has four additional plants in the: United. States producing related products. New est of these plants is at Cooke-ville, Tenn., a 132,000 - square- foot facility for production of air, - lube and fuel - filters for heaw: dutveauiDmentand" passenger" carsTThe Fleetguard operation was moved from Sey- .. mour, Ind., and now employs . 230. persons. . Atlas Crankshaft corporation " in Fostoria, Ohio,, produces - crankshafts, valves, piston pins and - precision machined cap-screws, and employs approximately 700 persons. Great Lakes foundry at South Bend, Ind., supplies castings primarily for Cummins but also for outside n customers- It has 925 employ- : egr "jig - Frigiking division in Dallas, ?bTexas, with 800 employes, manufactures and markets truck . trailer refrigeration units, truck Z cab and automobile air - condi- tioners. It is the largest producer of automobile air - conditioners for after market installation. . There also is a Cummins Recon center at Mem- phis,- Tenn., for reconditioning engine, parts. It has 85 em "ployes. " - " "J"Cumminss launched its-inter- national expansion in .1957 with --its "first "operation,-" Cummins Engine company, Limited, at Shotts, Scotland. Producing m -"line engines, 4here are now 700 employ e-at - Shotts v. and fcsws 1 plants have - been - opened - at ' Darlington, England, producing engines and parts. A parts plant there -with 565 employes is a part of Cummins Engine com- pany,' Limited, and there also rhas been "a plant of Chrysler-' Cummins,. Ltd.; producing V en z: gines and employing 780 persons. I agreement with Komatsu in Tokyo,-for production of earth- moving equipment and a li cense agreement with Sahagun, Mexico, for- produc tion of both in - line and V engines. " . " " J. Irwin Miller, great - ne- phew'of W.Grirwin, was president of thexompany- from 1947 -to 1951 when he became chairman; of the board. Mr. Miller has been with the company since. 1933 and was general manager and vice - president in 1942 when he went into Navy service in the second world war. Mr.- Tull has been president since 1960 after being gen- eral manager and vice - president eight years and manager -of manufacturing two years. He joined Cummins company "in 1928 as -one of its earliest employes, working as operator of a horizontal, boring machine. - .4.4-' Si' 3 j;,,,;--"111' "V- " 4S MAIN PLANT AeriaUview Jooking a$t ihows main--flew, $22,000,000 technical center is in upper part of-plant of Cummini Engine company on East. Fifth-street. picture, on east side of Hawcreek. . vr- ? i - f t x , r- " 1 ----- C;Uj -i- "rr I i?7 W 5, ' t'.- zj 1UJl. ' "C. IZHH ... . M y . . --rT--Jji. . - - -TAmil - " - - IBs ANDIS OIL CO .Distributor of SINCLAIR OIL - PRODUCTS- Serving the Gity of Better Living ON THE LINE Cummins engines move ., lines in . the Cummins main plant here non-stop along one of the four assembly ' while parts are installed. ART ANDIS OWNER PH. 376-6638 - Ctimmina ' rntlv urnimmpeH sophrstieafed"-tesearch-Tpera Chrysler miiviiiiaii.v i anaiyiea. inieresi in mis piani. , -.-.pi K -5. - Ka t .;U,J.

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